Who we are...

London Town Gardens was and still very much is, the inspiration of David Duval-Johnston. A short time before the inception of the business, David realised that there was a whole world of outdoor living passing many Londoners by and set about to create a business that would help London enjoy the absolute delight offered by the 21st Century English urban garden. He had previously obtained an honours degree in engineering in 1990 and worked in major industry for 10 years before training at the Capel Manor Horticultural College, to complete the skills required to start London Town Gardens.

Another key to the success of the business is our great team. Our team has evolved over the years but with little turnover of personnel, so we all know how a garden should look, and feel, and whether it’s a London Town Garden garden or not.

Who we are

The team consists of well-trained and well-motivated landscapers and builders dedicated to providing the best possible service to you, our clients. Each member of the team is trained in as many aspects of the business as possible, to ensure an extremely flexible workforce able to meet any demand placed upon it. Above all, our teams are courteous, professional and take an absolute pride in their work.